We are different.

There are many things that separate us from a normal auto body shop. Our paintless dent repair techniques, our hybrid collision repair solutions, our strict use of OEM parts, and the fact that we are not and never will become a DRP/Preferred insurance shop. Let’s quickly break these differences down.

The Quickest Turn Around Times

The least invasive repairs

The Best PARTS

Paintless Dent Repair & Hail Damage Repair

For the last 29 years we have been perfecting the art and mentality of PDR (paintless dent repair). PDR is designed to deliver the least invasive repair possible to a dented/damaged vehicle. Damage that is repairable using paintless dent repair allows us to save your original panel, repair the damage without fillers, and to preserve your original finish. This art combines the metal shaping principles and techniques of old with modern tools and precision in order to deliver the best repair possible. Our specialty rods, tools, and lights are used to meticulously shape the dented metal back to its original position. This is a finely-tuned skill that is perfected over years of practice. With these techniques, our skilled technician is capable of removing large dents, small dings, and hail damage from your vehicle.

“Amazingly fast, professional and fantastic job. They came recommended by my boss and I am thankful she told me about them. I will recommend them to everyone.”

— Jason

Hybrid Collision Repair

We tackle bigger jobs as well! Our hybrid and collision repair methods allow us to give our customers the least invasive and best repairs. Our collision repair mentality stems from our Paintless Dent Repair roots and has led us to develop industry-leading repair methods, which we have termed the “Hybrid Repair”. This consists of utilizing paintless dent repair techniques to reshape the metal back to its original position before refinishing. By beginning the repair with PDR, we are able to keep the repair area smaller, meaning you keep more of your original paint and parts. We replace fewer parts. We don’t need to weld on your panels to pull the dents out (which can lead to brittle metal and corrosion issues). And we use less filler. All of these advantages allow us to deliver the least invasive repairs and the best color matches possible.

“These guys have a way of Performing Magic on Auto Repair. I highly recommend them.”

— mike

Insurance DRP/Prefered Provider… Why Not?

We are not a DRP (Direct Repair Provider) for any insurance company. We are not a preferred provider for any insurance company. And we never want to be. In order to provide you with the best repairs, the following question must be asked: what is the standard for determining how a vehicle is to be repaired? Is the standard what the manufacturer and their engineering teams deem is the safe and proper repair? Or should it be the insurance company dictating how the repairs should be done based on their bottom line? We think the answer is simple. Repairs should be done according to manufacturer specifications by competent professionals. That is why we are not, and won’t become a DRP or preferred insurance shop. We do not want to be contractually obligated to an insurance company to repair a vehicle the way they see fit (most financially advantageous to them). Ultimately we think that our customer is the person driving the vehicle that we are repairing, not the insurance company they have. That is why we repair to manufacturer standards, offer OEM scans to ensure electronics and safety systems of the vehicle are functioning properly, and use OEM parts from the manufacturer.

“Can’t say enough good things about them and the fantastic results on our damaged cars. If the damage lends itself to the work DentMagic does, why go to a body shop?”

— Alix